Tutorial: A very basic website - Introduction

Tutorial: A very basic website - Introduction

This tutorial will lead you through the process of creating a very, very simple website with CMS Made Simple.


At the end of this tutorial you know

  • how to create a design
  • how to create a page template
  • how to create a stylesheet
  • how to add multiple content blocks
  • how to add an image content block
  • how to create a dynamic menu
  • how to create pages


You already have a working installation of CMS Made Simple (this tutorial is based on version 2.3).
You have a working admin account (or at least permissions to create designs, templates and content pages) and know how to access the admin area.
You can browse to the website

Required skills

This tutorial will use very basic concepts of html, Smarty and CMS Made Simple. The steps should be easy to follow.

You know how to logon to the CMS Made Simple admin area. You know how to use a web browser, how to browse to your website and how to have a look at a webpage's html source.


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