This content block type allows interfacing with different modules to create different content block types.

Some modules can define content block types for use in module templates, e.g. the FrontEndUsers module may define a group list content block type. It will then indicate how you can use the content_module tag to utilize that block type within your templates.

Note: This block type must be used only with compatible modules. You should not use this in any way except for as guided by add-on modules.


This tag accepts a few parameters, and passes all other parameters to the module for processing.

  • (required) module - The name of the module that will provide this content block. This module must be installed and available.
  • (required) block - The name of the content block.
  • (optional) label - A label for the content block for use when editing the page.
  • (optional) priority - Allows specifying an integer priority for the block within the tab.
  • (optional) required - Allows specifying that the content block must contain some text.
  • (optional) tab - The desired tab to display this field on in the edit form.
  • (optional) assign (string) - Assign the results to a smarty variable with that name.