There are three types of Tags in CMSMS: core, plugin and User Defined Tags.

  Tags in the CMSMS Core

Note: this is still being updated for CMSMS 2.0 and may contain tags no longer available.

  Plugin Tags

There are a lot of plugin tags available for CMS Made Simple and that amount is still growing.

The tags are contributed by both the CMSMS Developers, and independent third parties. The CMSMS Dev-Team make no guarantees that the tags available in the Forge are functional, tested, or compatible with your system. You are encouraged to read the information found in the help and about links for each tag before attempting the installation.

Some popular tags are:

  • Autometa
  • Content Toggle
  • File Listing
  • Last Guestbook Entry
  • Object tag
  • Etc.

For a complete list visit this page: CMSMS Plugins Tags

   How to install

To install a new tag, put the function.tagname.php file into your /assets/plugins directory. In versions prior to CMSMS 2.2 this was the /plugins directory. When you refresh the Tags page in the CMS admin, the new tag will be shown.

User Defined Tags

See the User Defined Tags section.