This is an admin only plugin to use to generate a link that when clicked will generate popup help for a particular item.

This plugin is typically used from module admin templates to display end user help in a popup window for an input field, column, or other important information.


  • key - (required string) - The second part in a unique key to identify the help string to display. This is usually the key from the appropriate realms lang file.
  • realm - (optional string) - The first part in a unique key to identify the help string. If this parameter is not specified, and this plugin is called from within a module action then the current module name is used. If no module name can be found then "help" is used as the lang realm.
  • title - (optional string) - Help box title
  • assign - (optional string) - Assign the output to the named smarty variable.


{cms_help key2='help_field_username' title=$foo}