anchor tag


The anchor tag makes a proper anchor link to an anchor on the same page

   How to use?

Insert the tag into your template/page like:

{anchor anchor='here' text='Scroll Down'}

In the pagesource you will get:

<a href="/path/to/current/page#here">Scroll Down</a>

   Available parameters

  • anchor (required) - The name of the anchor where to link to. Is is the part after the #.
  • text (required) - The text to display in the link.
  • class - The class for the link.
  • title - The title to display for the link.
  • tabindex - The numeric tabindex for the link.
  • accesskey - The accesskey for the link.
  • onlyhref - Only display the href and not the entire link. No other options will work
  • assign - Assign the results to the named smarty variable.

   Syntax examples

{anchor anchor='here' text='Scroll Down' class='myclass' title='mytitle' tabindex='1' accesskey='s'}
{anchor anchor='here' text='Scroll Down' onlyhref='true'}
{anchor anchor='here' text='Scroll Down' assign='foo'}