This module allow you to insert a link in pages/templates which directs the visitor to a version of the page better suited for printing. It can also link to an basic on-the-fly-generated pdf version of the page.

Please note that unless the parameter includetemplate=true is used, only the main output of the page is outputted. And note that the pdf-file outputted may not have much resemblance with your page, but should provide the content.

   How do I use this module?

Basically you install the module, access it's administration interface and review/change the templates for the link and for the printable page.

In your page content or template you then insert something like:

{cms_module module='printing'}


  • lang="en_US" - Parameter is used to specify what language to use for display on the frontend. Not all modules support or need this.
  • text="Print this page" - Override the default text for the print/PDF link
  • pdf="false" - Set this to 'true' to show a link for generating a PDF-file of the main page content instead of printing
  • popup="false" - Set to 'true' and page for printing will by opened in new window.
  • script="false" - Set to 'true' and in print page javascript will be used for automatically show the print-dialog
  • includetemplate="false" - If set to 'true' this options makes the print/pdf process the whole template, not just the main content. This probably requires some work on print-specific styles with the mediatype 'print' enabled.
  • showbutton="false" - Set to 'true' to show a graphical button
  • class="false" - Class for the link, defaults to 'noprint'
  • class_img="false" - Class of <img> tag if showbutton is set
  • src_img="false" - Show this image file instead of the default
  • more="false" - Place additional options inside the <a> link
  • onlyurl="false" - Outputs just the url, not a complete link