cms_jquery tag


This plugin allows you output the javascript libraries and plugins used from the admin.

   How to use?

Simply insert this tag into your page or template:


Included defaults:

  • jQuery (jquery.min.js)
  • jQuery UI (jquery-ui.min.js)
  • nestedSortable (jquery.ui.nestedSortable.js)
  • jQuery json ( jquery.json.min.js)

   Available parameters

  • exclude - use comma seperated value (CSV) list of scripts you would like to exclude.
  • append - use comma seperated value (CSV) list of script paths you would like to append.
  • cdn - cdn='true' will insert jQuery and jQueryUI Frameworks using Google's Content Delivery Netwok. Default is false.
  • ssl - use to use the ssl_url as the base path.
  • custom_root - use to set any base path wished. custom_root=''
    NOTE: overwrites ssl option and works with the cdn option
  • assign - Assign the results to the named smarty variable.

   Syntax examples

{cms_jquery cdn='true' exclude='jquery.ui.nestedSortable.js' append='uploads/NCleanBlue/js/ie6fix.js'}