Backend Group Permissions

This page allows specifying which Admin user groups have which permission. Keep in mind that an individual Admin user can belong to multiple Admin groups.

Note: the "Admin" group is a special group and is automatically granted all permissions.

CMSMS Admin Permission Model

CMSMS Uses a system of named permissions. Access to these permissions determines a users ability to perform different functions in the CMSMS Admin console.

The CMSMS core creates several permissions on installation (occasionally permissions are added or deleted during an upgrade process). Third party modules may create additional permissions.

Permissions are associated with user groups. An authorized user can adjust the permissions that are associated with certain member groups (including the permission to change a group permissions). The Admin group is a special group. Members of this group will have all permissions.

Admin user accounts can be members of zero or more groups. It may be possible for a user account that is not a member of any groups to still perform various functionality (please read about ownership and additional-editors in the Content Manager help, and Design Manager help).