admin_icon tag


This is an admin side only plugin to allow modules to easily display icons from the current admin theme. These icons are useful in link building or in displaying status information.

   What Parameters Does it Take?

  • icon - (required) - The filename of the icon. i.e: run.gif
  • height - (optional) - The height (in pixels) of the icon.
  • width - (optional) - The width (in pixels) of the icon.
  • alt - (optional) - Optional text for the img tag if the filename specified is not available.
  • rel - (optional) - An optional rel attribute for the img tag.
  • class - (optional) - An optional class attribute for the img tag.
  • id - (optional) - An optional id attribute for the img tag.
  • title - (optional) - An optional title attribute for the img tag.
  • accesskey - (optional) - An optional access key character for the img tag.
  • assign - (optional) - Assign the tag output to the named smarty variable.


{admin_icon icon='edit.gif' class='editicon'}