page_attr tag


This tag can be used to return the value of the attributes of a certain page.

   How to use?

Insert the tag into your template/page like:

<p>The content of the Extra 1 field is: {page_attr key='extra1'}</p>

   Available parameters

  • (optional) page (int|string) - An optional page id or alias to fetch the content from. If not specified, the current page is assumed.
  • key (required) - The key to return the attribute of. Available are:
    • content_en
    • title
    • disable_wysiwyg
    • extra1
    • extra2
    • extra3
    • image
    • pagedata
    • searchable
    • target
    • thumbnail
    • (name of included custom content block)
  • assign - Assign the results to the named smarty variable.

   Syntax examples

{page_attr key='extra1'}
{page_attr key='content_en' page='contact' assign='foo'}