Upgrading CMS Made Simple

This page describes the steps to upgrade CMS Made Simple to the latest version. It is quite simple, but please read the instructions carefully and in their entirety before starting.

These steps are general to most hosting environments. It is assumed that you have extensive knowledge of your website: how pages are organized, what addons and modules you are using, where files are located, etc. You should have an understanding of the features of your web host and how to perform basic system administration. Always make a backup before upgrading!

If you renamed your admin folder, please read this additional information before proceeding!

Upgrading an existing 2.x installation

These instructions are for installations running CMSMS 2.0 or higher. If you are using a lower version, please see the Upgrade from 1.x to 2.x section.

  1. Create a new back up of files and database.
  2. Make sure config.php is writable (CHMOD to 644)
  3. Download the latest cmsms-2.x.x-install.zip file from the Forge.
  4. Upload the installer file to the website root and unzip it.
    Note: if you can't perform this on your web server, unzip locally then upload the .php file to your website root using binary (not ascii) upload.
  5. READ the README-PHAR.TXT file
  6. Perform the upgrade, by opening e.g. www.website.com/cmsms-2.x.x-install.php
  7. Follow the steps in the installer
  8. Remove the installer file and the readme-phar.txt file.


The above steps work for most environments, but not all. If you run into any problems, be sure to read the README-PHAR.TXT file before seeking support.

Some hosting environments (nginx, and litespeed, particularly) can cause redirection loops when executing even the simplest of phar archives. This is due to one or more bugs in PHP. For these environments we recommend that you use the expanded installer. Be sure to read its README file in its entirety.