Add-on modules for CMS Made Simple

You can extend the core of CMSMS with 3rd party extensions, like modules and tags.

The modules are contributed by both the CMSMS Developers, and independent third parties. The CMSMS Dev-Team make no guarantees that the modules available in the Forge are functional, tested, or compatible with your system. You are encouraged to read the information found in the help and about links for each module before attempting the installation.

We also recommend that you never experiment with unknown modules or serious upgrades on a production website. It is always best to try out new modules, plugins, or techniques on a development installation.

Many third party developers use the CMSMS Forge as a home for their development projects. On there you can search for addons, submit problem reports or feature requests, and download the latest versions.

Some popular modules are:

  • Album
  • Company Directory
  • Formbuilder
  • Frontendusers
  • Gallery
  • Guestbook
  • LinkMgr
  • Self Registration
  • Etc.