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This report applies specifically to CMSMS 1.11.x, but may also be useful in other versions of CMSMS.


Clicking submit or apply, when adding or editing a content page, or editing a page template generates a blank screen.


This problem may be caused by an error in the template that cannot be properly trapped by smarty. For optimization and other purposes, CMSMS does not load every plugin and every module in the admin interface. This can cause problems in add/edit content, or add/edit template when the smarty template does not perform significant checking. An example is:

{cms_lang_info assign='nls'}
Language is: {$nls->lang()}<br/>

The proper way to solve this situation is to check for the existence of the variable, and not to expect that the plugin returned the necessary information. i.e.:

{cms_lang_info assign='nls'}
{if isset($nls)}Language is: {$nls->lang()}<br/>{/if}

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