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Module Manager says "Cannot Download" beside one (or many) available modules.


This indicates that the php process owner does not have write access to either the modules directory, or the uploads directory. (a check is made to ensure that both of these are writable by the httpd process owner when ModuleManager is started)


Although there is the quick solution of opening both the modules directory open to 777 permission (777 for directories, 766 for files) recursively. This is probably not the most secure solution, and may cause problems with modules like MicroTiny or TinyMCE

You will need to change the permissions on these directories so that the httpd process owner (hint, files created in the tmp directory are owned by the httpd process owner) can write in them.

You should also double check the file creation mask in global settings to ensure that any files created by the httpd process owner will have proper permissions.

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