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The buttons in the toolbar of the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor do not appear.


There are several reasons why TinyMCE might not work, some of these steps might help you:

  • 1. Check the forge to ensure that you are running the latest version of TinyMCE.
  • 2. Check page Extentions >> Modules. The TinyMCE module needs to be installed and set "Active".
  • 3. Check page My Preferences >> User Preferences. Setting "Select WYSIWYG to use" needs to be set to TinyMCE.
  • 4. Try to re-upload the /modules/TinyMCE folder to your server.
  • 5. Try to switch on the Static Config option. Note that this requires your /tmp/-dir to be writable by the webserver.
  • 6. If upgrading, try to reset all settings. Not nice if you've done a lot of customization, make a copy of them first.
  • 7. Try enabling the static config option in Advanced Settings. This works better on some systems (like CGI-based).
  • 8. Reïnstall the module. Make a copy of the module settings first, they will be set back to the default settings after install.
  • 9. Try to CHMOD the permissions of the folder /modules/TinyMCE/ to 775 or 777

TinyMCE was the default WYSIWYG editor shipped with CMSMS until version 1.10. This was replaced by the stripped down, but still powerful MicroTiny module. TinyMCE no longer receives any official support in CMSMS.

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