Troubleshooting information database

When an admin user can't remember the password, the lost password link at the login screen can be used to reset the password. In case this function doesn't work (i.e. the CMSMailer module isn't working or the email address of the admin user isn't filled in) you need to have database access to reset the password.


The usernames and passwords are stored in the database. The passwords are encrypted/salted.

With this universal database query you can reset the password:

update cms_users set password = (select md5(CONCAT(IFNULL((SELECT sitepref_value FROM cms_siteprefs WHERE sitepref_name = 'sitemask'),''),'NEW_PASSWORD'))) where username = 'USER_NAME'

Fill in your username at "USER_NAME" and your desired password at "NEW_PASSWORD"
We assume your database prefix is "cms_".

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