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Error message

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/to/something.php:165) in /path/to/something.php on line xxx


This is a general symptom that some php code early in the generation of a page has generated some output (usually a notice, or warning) before the headers were sent. It usually will not appear on production sites unless there is either a configuration error in the server or an error in some php code someplace.

You may also see a notice or a warning above this message from that specific line of code (view source may help here). Otherwise see the Troubleshooting tips page for information as to find the error.


If the page generating this error, and all forms on that page are generally working you may be able to mask the error by disabling the display of errors in the .htaccess file. i.e:

php_flag   display_errors Off
The above code is specific to Apache webservers, and the specifc web host may have disabled this functionality. If the .htaccess method does not work for you you may have to contact your web host for specific instructions.

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